Page One – Candy’s Story

Candy Dinsmore-Bekaan

Candy is the creator and host of Pages Of A Story, a podcast that features people from all walks of life sharing their stories, their work and their passions. Each episode is a celebration of the unique and profound lives we have lived.

She also co-hosts the podcast The Joy Project which follows her and Becky Brown on their personal journey in discovering and cultivating joy in their daily lives.

Candy is a musician, singer/songwriter from Ontario Canada. Her music is a blend of folk and storytelling.

She was a Holistic Practitioner for 20 years offering treatments of Reflexology, Reiki and massage. Within the last few years she added Cannabis Coaching and Aromatherapy to the mix.

She currently is focusing on being a Mom, her music, her podcasts and forever decluttering her house.
Some of her passions include motherhood, music, animals, crafting, knitting, cooking, baking, gaming, sparkly/glittery/colourful things, humour, reading, writing, learning, growing & acts of kindness. She is a believer of living joyfully.

She happily lives with her husband Derek, son Bruce, and two adorable kitties.

Candy has continued to release new episodes of her podcasts and is currently working on an episode featuring her newest songs.

She is working on songs for Vengeance With Verve, her duo with Matthew DeMeritt.

She is recording and interviewing new guests all the time.

A brand new edition to Pages Of A Story, called Written In The Roots is launching at the end of February. It focuses on musicians/singers/songwriters with original music who share the meaning behind their songs.

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